School Safety

At North Charleston United Methodist Church Learning Center we respect the trust parents have placed in us and have taken appropriate measures to protect children from harm.


  • Our security doors are always locked and can only be entered using a parent code. Parents receive a code upon enrollment. It is erased from the system when the child leaves our program.
  • All classrooms and hallways have security cameras that feed directly into the office. We do not allow the feed on the internet for the protection of our children. parents can view the feed in the office at any time during school hours.
  • Fire drills are conducted monthly and lock down drills are conducted several times during the school year.
  • The alarm systems automatically notify the proper authorities in case of fire or emergency.
  • The playground equipment is fenced in and inspected regularly.
  • All employees are certified in blood borne pathogens, CPR, First Aid, and have well over the 15 hours needed of professional development training hours.
  • The Learning Center is inspected and approved by the following organizations: SC DSS, SC Fire Marshall, North Charleston Fire Marshall, and SC DHEC.